Saturday, Sept 21, 2019

$45 - Materials are Included!

Additional Info!

  • Adults only, beginning fusers welcome!
  • Glass construction is from 10-1:00, we will take a 1/2 hour snack break and resume at  1:30 to create connecting metal parts.  
  • Students are required to wear "closed toe shoes" in glass studio.  
  • Limited to 8 students, call to register (541) 329-0303, leave a message!


Saturday, Sept 28th, 9am-Noon

  • Cost is $40 
  • Susan is holding her own "Crab Derby" at Sage, Saturday, Sept. 28th, 9am - Noon, 
  • Adults and Kids 12+ welcome w/ parent participation, limited to 12 students. 
  • Join the fun and create your own winner! Remember to wear your closed toe shoes!  

Register by calling (541) 329-0303, leave a message!


Saturday, Oct 5th, 9am-1pm

  • Cost is $25.  
  • Workshop begins with guided instruction on "free form" Glass Scarecrow ornament
  • Stay a bit longer and make a companion crow, cornstalk, or sunflower ($20 additional per companion).  
  • Limited to 8 Adults, students may work on companion pieces until 1 pm. 
  • Close Toe Shoes Required

Call for reservations (541) 329-0303 Leave a message!


Friday, Oct 11 9am-3pm

  • "Contrast is Everything"...Wise words from one of my former instructors....A concept that applies to every's how we see, think, know, and distinguish, from one to another
  • Cost is $120, limited to 6 students
  • Explore these ideas in a New Mixed Media workshop with Anne
  • Friday, Oct. 11th, 9 am - 3 pm, (includes a short break for lunch). 
  • Students will walk away with four small projects each in a different medium: drawing, painting, printmaking, and glass. 

For information/registration call (541) 329-0303

 leave a message for a return call.


Sorry! This Class is Currently Full!

Current Group is meeting on September 15th. Cost will be $10

New Sessions January 2020

Call for more information! 

(541) 329-0303, leave a message!